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Completed the second – law – studies and the collected experience first of all determined the decision to give lectures on construction law in the courses for architects, organized by the Lithuanian Chamber of Architects. Later, cooperation was born with other training companies. I also started to organize courses for architects and other participants in development processes on my own.

Since 2012 I have prepared and given lectures on various topics in architecture, construction, spatial planning, professional ethics, copyright, public interest and other related topics. The full list of my lectures and reports can be found in the "Reports" section.

Recently, I have been giving lectures through the Public Institution "Archlegis", which has developed a program of qualification improvement courses for Certified Architects (managers of territorial planning and the main areas of construction technical activities). This program was approved by the Lithuanian Chamber of Architects and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania in 2020.

The course program developed by "Archlegis" can be found here: "Approved course program".
In the implementation of it, cooperation with various companies, institutions and organizations is possible.

Daiva Veličkaitė architect | lawyer