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In 2013, the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University has approved the scientific project “Public interest and the conditions for its implementation in the field of architecture”, and upon evaluation of other requirements for admission, provided the opportunity to prepare a doctoral dissertation on the indicated interdisciplinary topic.

I decided to undertake this work as a result of the ambiguous situation in the field of architecture: on the one hand, many national and international document emphasize the critical significance of architecture as the future cultural heritage to the society, its impact on sustainable development, the impact on the cultural urban aspect and economy, social cohesion and the environment, but on the other hand, the legal regulation in the field of architecture, that would ensure the implementation of these and other interests of society in the field of architecture, enjoys very little attention from the legislature; the case law in defending the public interest in this area have also been highly limited, the Ministry of Environment has drafted the Law on Architecture in 2009-2012 to which I have partly contributed, but it is still not submitted to the Parliament.

Often, such an approach to the legal regulation of architecture is based on its artistic, creative nature, suggesting that art cannot be regulated, as it would violate the freedom of creation enshrined in the Constitution, as well as (or even more) avoiding overly constraints to the freedom of economic activity of a developer, and the right of ownership. But meanwhile they forget that the rights and freedoms are one person can (and must) be restricted in order to protect the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and values, as well as constitutionally important objectives.

Thus, the main objective of the efforts is to define the content and boundaries of public interest in architecture, to evaluate the current legal regulation of Lithuania, to analyse the experience of other countries and information from scientific research, and to determine the body of regulatory approaches and measures to ensure the proper implementation and defence of public interest in the field of architecture.

In examining this subject I am happy of all opportunities enabling me to get a better insight in the contents of public interest, the concept of architectural quality, to learn the needs of society in this field, therefore I am open to various suggestions for cooperation, and participation in projects, conferences, debates etc associated with the above issues.

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