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My theoretical and practical experience and willingness to help colleagues to avoid the situations that I have encountered myself while working for a law firm, in 2012, led to the decision to deliver lectures in the architect qualification training courses organised by the Lithuanian Chamber of Architects. Subsequently, I engaged in collaboration with other various companies and organisations offering workshops, seminars, conferences, and training.

I have prepared and delivered lectures in various cities on topics such as:

  • “Legal regulation of building architectural requirements”;
  • “Rights, duties, and responsibilities of the building project manager”;
  • “Legal regulation designer’s activities”, and others.

While constantly updating the changing regulatory information construction in the area of legal regulation, I deliver the lectures in various trainings and seminars:

  •  “Latest amendments to the laws governing construction”.

The provision of the Law on Construction became effective on 1 January 2012 and the similar provision on the Law on Spatial Planning became effective from 1 January 2014. They maintain that a person who has acquired the appropriate certificate must attend 20 hours of qualification training courses during five years, according to the training programme approved by the Ministry of Environment, and pass the legal knowledge examination. Following order No D1-126 of 10 February 2014, the Minister of Environment approved the programme of legal knowledge examination for the architects of the Republic of Lithuania and foreign countries seeking to occupy the managerial positions of the main areas of the technical activities of the construction of special construction works and spatial planning in the Republic of Lithuania.

Through the accumulated theoretical and practical expertise I can provide training according to the topics included in the aforementioned programme of examination of legal knowledge. I also offer lectures on other topics of the construction law.


Daiva Veličkaitė architect | lawyer