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By order No 1R-14 of 15 January 2013 of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania, I have been included in the List of Forensic Experts of the Republic of Lithuania. The qualification of forensic expert meets the contents of certificates No A1109 and ATP1109.

Through forensic activities I perform expert examinations of spatial planning documents and construction projects aimed at finding certain facts according to the questions formulated by the court or by private clients ordering expert examinations.

The law on Forensic Expert Examination of the Republic of Lithuania states that the court expert cannot give opinions on legal issues and that legal knowledge is not considered specific knowledge (article 22, part 2). In this regard, the construction technical activities as an area requiring special expertise has certain specifics – it is regulated in detail in the Law on Construction, normative construction technical documents, normative documents of building safety and purpose, and other accompanying legislation of the Law on Construction and other laws, laying down the requirements of construction participants, their activities, construction design, its solutions, procedures, and documents formalising them, etc. My legal background helps to accurately identify the requirements applicable for a particular object of investigation, understand the substance matter of applied provisions, and its relation with the entire building regulatory system, and respectively, to better identify and evaluate the relevant circumstances for the case that may lead to an expert opinion.

In all cases, the expert examination does not analyse and evaluate the issues of personal responsibility, fault and other legal issues. During expert examination, only the facts are established based on the results of the investigation.

Daiva Veličkaitė architect | lawyer