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Construction law is an area combining legal and technical construction expertise. The twofold experience in these areas allows to better understand the system of legal rules governing the construction, their content, purpose and the nuances of application as well as proper assessment of the legal significance of individual technical construction operations and procedures, the nature of their specific organization and potential legal consequences.

While applying my knowledge in this specific area, I act as a consultant to construction participants, in particular builders and designers, on the matters of construction process organization, its proper formalisation, and responsibility sharing. I also offer advice to lawyers, advocates, helping them to get a better insight in spatial planning, building design and construction specifics, find the necessary arguments and evaluate the contents of different documents and their compliance with legislative requirements.
My legal services in the field of construction include:

  • Verbal advice on the issues of construction law;
  • Written legal conclusions, explanations;
  • Assistance in the preparation of a variety of inquiries, applications, requests, etc.;
  • Assistance in assessing the documents received and their legal consequences;
  • Assistance in assessing situations and finding possible solutions;
  • Consultation on spatial planning and building design contracts;
  • Review and comments to draft spatial planning and design contracts;
  • Assessment of spatial planning documentation and construction projects for their compliance with legal requirements;
  • Other services of spatial planning and construction law.

Legal and other services are provided through the company VšĮ "Archlegis" founded in 2005, reorganized in 2019. You can find its details under Contacts.

Daiva Veličkaitė architect | lawyer