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According to the Law on Associations of the Republic of Lithuania, an association is a public legal person of limited civil liability who has its name and whose purpose is to coordinate activities of the association members, to represent interests of the association members and to defend them or to meet other public interests.

In architecture, there are two main associations – the Lithuanian Architects' Union, continuing the activities of the union of the Lithuanian Engineers and Architects, that was established in 1924 and suspended in 1940, and the Lithuanian Chamber of Architects, established according to the law in 2006. Both of these associations are in pursuit of similar goals, but also have some differences:

  • The Lithuanian Chamber of Architects is a legally established chartered self- organization of architects, which aims to ensure the transparency of the activities of architects, taking care of the architect certification, qualification recognition and improvement of professional qualifications, monitoring of professional activities, participating as expert in the courts and other institutions on the architectural matters, satisfying and defending public interest related with architecture and urban life, and resolving other similar issues. The Chamber of Architects is actively involved in drafting the legislation governing the activities of architects, providing comments, suggestions, certifies architects, taking care of their in-service training, providing advice to its members on the matters of construction, and resolving ethical violations among architects.
  • The Lithuanian Architects' Union brings together the architects with a status of artistic creator, regardless of the area in which they operate. The main areas of activity of the association is the promotion of quality in architecture, organising architectural competitions, expert examination activities of architecture and urban projects, organising exhibitions and other architectural events and disseminating relevant information among architects.

I am a member of the Lithuanian Chamber of Architects since 2010. In 2013 I was elected to the Council, the Professional Conduct Board and the Council of Experts of the Chamber of Architects, also holded the office of the vicepresident of LCA. In 2016 I was elected and in 2017 reelected for the President of the Chamber and holded these duties till 2019.

I am a member of the Lithuanian Architects’ Union since 2003. 2012-2015 I was a member of the Board of Vilnius branch.

Also, I am a member of the Lithuanian Arbitration Association since 2011.

Daiva Veličkaitė architect | lawyer