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In 2012, with the recommendation of the Lithuanian Chamber of Architects, I was included in the list of arbitrators and mediators of Vilnius International and National Commercial Arbitration (Vilnius Arbitration) of construction arbitration.

Arbitration is a method for dispute resolution when natural or legal persons, based on their agreement, refer their dispute not to the state court but to a third person or persons chosen according to their agreement or appointed according to the law.

A legal presumption for the consideration of claim in the construction arbitration board for resolving the international or domestic dispute in construction activities (business) is the arbitration agreement, which can be included in the contract as an arbitration clause or be a separate arbitration agreement, or any other form of agreement between the parties, delegating the right of dispute settlement to the construction arbitration court.

Mediation is conciliation, which, unlike the arbitration court decision, does not cause any legal consequences to the parties but this procedure may achieve compromise settlement agreements approved by the intermediary (mediator). This becomes a moral oath between the former parties to the dispute, which implementation in practice usually is comparable to the court decisions.


Daiva Veličkaitė architect | lawyer